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New business models enable firms to embed smart, connected products in systems that create value.

New business models enable firms to embed smart, connected products in systems that create value.

A  –>See More:  good is a product that the buyer or end user buys to satisfy their current needs or wants. They are not considered to be capital goods or intermediary goods since they do not produce other goods.


There are four main types of consumer goods: convenience products, shopping products, specialty products and unsought goods. These can vary in price and features based on consumer buying habits.


New business models


New business models enable firms to embed smart, connected products in systems that create value. Some of these strategies replace product ownership with a substitute that reduces overall demand for a product and shifts resource costs away from a linear consumption process to a closed loop in which used products are recycled, reducing the environmental impact of consumption.


A key element of a business model is its logic, which provides a reason for customers to choose the company over others in the market. It explains how the company plans to deliver value, meet profit and growth targets, and grow.


The logic typically involves the customer, value proposition, operating model and revenue model. A specialised tool called the business model canvas helps to explain each aspect of the business.


Professor Haim Mendelson believes that rapid technological advances will continue to refine the structure of business models. In particular, producers will increasingly engage in marketplace selling and data-driven innovations.


Substitute products


A substitute product is a product from another industry that offers similar benefits to the consumer. According to Porter, this is one of the five forces that shape the competitive structure of an industry.


Substitute products are revolutionizing industries because they offer customers many different alternatives to fulfill a particular need or want. For example, instead of purchasing a car or truck, customers can purchase a bus or bicycle.


Often  <->Click Here: Consumer Products  will choose to purchase substitute goods because they are cheaper or more convenient than the primary product. This has a big impact on retailers and manufacturers alike because they can benefit from the increased competition.


Two goods that are substitutes exhibit positive cross elasticity of demand; this means that as the price of one product increases, the quantity demanded of the other product also increases. On the other hand, two goods that are complementary exhibit negative cross elasticity of demand; this means that when the price of one product rises, the quantity demanded of the other product decreases.


Shaking up traditional supplier relationships


As the smart, connected products of the future take center stage, traditional supplier relationships are being disrupted. Specifically, e-commerce based sourcing and supply chain management are gaining traction as the best way to cut costs and improve customer service in a competitive marketplace. As a result, the modern day manufacturer has to make some big decisions about how they are going to deliver their goods and services and where the money is being spent in order to compete on a global scale.


 –>The Best Consumer Products  For example, a company may need to relocate its headquarters, close a few plants or even re-locate its sales and marketing teams. Ultimately, this will result in changes to the entire supply chain from top to bottom including customer service, distribution and warehouse management. The key to surviving these changes is to establish and execute clear lines of communication that are open to all stakeholders and make sure they are aligned on the same objectives and budget.


Redistributing bargaining power


Smart, connected products are shaking up traditional supplier relationships and redistributing bargaining power as physical components become less important to total product cost. As these components are replaced by software, the importance of physical tailoring decreases, which in turn reduces the demand for suppliers of the traditional kind.


A strong union can use this power to extract rents from the firm. This is possible in situations where there is no substitute pool of nonunion workers or where the union controls the labor supply through entry restrictions or high levels of membership relative to the size of the sector.


Bargaining coverage is one indicator of the extent to which the benefits of collective bargaining are realised, and is negatively related to wage inequality between capital and labour (Hayter and Visser, 2018b; Magda et al, 2016). In Denmark, for example, bargaining coverage has been stable for many years but has declined slightly in recent decades.

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